Stories and practices to empower yourself.

We are here to help you overcome your limits and discover your own path. Here you’ll find purposefully crafted Yoga and meditation practices, along with empowering real-life, meaningful stories. All, to help you write your own.
Every transformation has a story behind!
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Yoga Practices

We offer online yoga classes crafted for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a beginner, our practices are a perfect fit for anyone who prioritizes physical and mental health.


We create meditation practices that help you connect with yourself deeply and transform your life from within. In deep Theta brain wave state, you get to explore and heal your inner world, as well as embrace new empowering life visions.

Empowering Stories

Mostly in the form of blog articles, but also videos, we share with you stories from our life that we feel have the power to inspire and drive change. You can browse through the stories in the Blog section.

Latest blog posts

5 Ways to Become Non-Violent

Whatever is arising at any moment, acknowledge that and allow yourself to feel your own feelings. Suppressing them will only mean they will explode later. Find a safe space to feel your emotions.

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Some of our Yoga Practices

You can find more on our YouTube Channel. Explore more on I Speak Yoga YouTube Channel.
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