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A passion for
human transformation joined a passion for video stories. ​

Good stories lay at the basis of every successful vision.


We’re Ema and Chris.

We’re together in this mission because we listened to our hearts. That’s why, together, we’re creating space for people to listen to theirs.

We met in 2019 while working on a video for Bright Living. Not long after, we became business and couple partners. Now we’re in the mission to help people be more in tune and in touch with themselves and transform.

Each of us has gone through a process of immense change throughout their lives. We learned that inner peace transforms. We promote the values of love, compassion and self-transformation through the means of Yoga. We created a platform to inspire people to connect with themselves and create change from within. Through stories and dedicated sessions, we’re creating a safe space for you to know and uplift yourself through movement, breathing and meditation.

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